Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday & Fini Friday! Faerie Treasures!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to both Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday!
I'll be at the Saint Paul Art Crawl this Friday, so this post will do double-duty today!!
Let's start with the whimsical first!
I've more Faerie treasures to show you!
Faerie Dust and a Faerie Message in a Bottle...
The titles of the Faerie Dust bottles are (from left to right) Colours of Spring and Island Paradise.
What is that Faerie Message in a Bottle? 
You'll have to adopt it to find out!!  

Moving along to our next treasure, this is a brand-new, fully-grown Faerie Treasure bottle!
Working Title: Healing from Ages Past
There is a Faerie pebble, old watch parts, a cobalt star, golden rose and shell, a sterling silver wrench (Faerie-sized!), Rose quartz, Garnet, cut-glass "crystals", and more!

Onto the Fini Friday portion of the post!
I was on Walkabout yesterday and discovered a treasure trove of good stuff!!
Photos are below!
I absolutely adore the 'cat buddies' charm and can't wait to see what that grows into!  I already have designs in mind for the filigree chain encircling those cute kitties!  I'm excited to work with all the bits and pieces of the 'galaxy chain' (on the right) as I call it!!! So many fun colours, shapes and sizes!  
The elegance and wonderful mixture of textures of the creation on the left is what drew me to it.  I don't often see iridescent beads cut or faceted in this way.  
I've snapped a close-up to show you what I mean!  
Isn't that just gorgeous?  I've ideas for those as well! 
Tune in to see what they grow into!!

Of course I'll have the Faerie Dust, Message and Treasure bottles with me at this weekend, so stop by for a visit!
Here is when and where I'll be!
The... Saint Paul Art Crawl!  
I'm so pleased to be a returning Guest Artist at the Lowertown Lofts Artist Co-Op - in the 3rd Floor Atrium!
Come on out and see me
Friday, April 27th; Sat. April 28th and Sun. April 29th!
Click the links above for details!


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