Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday! A Special Selection!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to a dual edition of Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday!
Just a little housekeeping detail: I'll be on blog-vacation after this post!  I'll see you again next Wednesday!
This post is all about some of the hand-picked Sprite Creations that are awaiting adoption in the CONvergence Art Show over the long holiday weekend!
This convention is a fund-raising event for a non-profit organization that you can learn more about here.
So, let's get started!
Title: Co-Exit, With Chocolate!
Ingredients: lead-free pewter, Czech glass, Jeweler's bronze, Artistic wire, aluminum, copper.
I had so much fun creating this bracelet! The charms, from left to right are: something that reminds me of a temple bell in some exotic land, the yin-yang (a symbol of balance), a lotus flower with a star above it (lotus flowers are sacred to Buddhists), the Tree of Life (sacred to many forms of Pagan and Old World belief systems), spirals and stars (sacred symbols in all aboriginal legends across the globe), Celtic-style cross (an ancient mix of Christian and Pagan/Nature-based Worship), and a chocolate Kiss! Yup! There is the chocolate! Need I explain the whimsy in this piece?
A few other tidbits(HA!)...Copper has been a sacred metal in cultures that span the globe. The lock and key clasp includes a heart-shaped key. This symbolizes the key to living harmoniously with all belief systems is through an open heart. And finally, the colours used to suspend the charms match those associated with the seven Chakras of the body.
So! That's my suggestion for world peace - an open heart and chocolate!

Title: Elvan Fire
Ingredients: Popcap Pendant (Swarovski Crystal, paper, hand-coloured non-toxic resin, popcap), Earthenwood Studio gear link (ceramic, USA), lead-free pewter (USA), light bulb pendant (Zoa Art, USA), anodized aluminum, metal.
The firey teardrop in the Popcap Pendant is a Swarovski crystal!  The gear link is hand-crafted by Melanie of Earthenwood Studios! I love her work!  The light bulb pendant to the left of the Popcap Pendant is from Zoa Art in South Carolina (USA)! I adore the work of this husband and wife team so much! It is sculptural, architectural and sensual all at once!  This necklace creation is Elvish, Steampunk, Dieselpunk and absolutely unique!  The pendant, link and clasp are secured with jumprings woven in a mobius or infinity chainmaille weave using golden yellow and true red colours!  There is definitely a story to this creation! I can feel it!

Title: Her Majesty's Money 
Ingredients: Resin-encased (hand-coloured and painted with non-toxic resin) faux paper currency, Swarovski crystals (Sapphire and Crystal), Czech glass, Jeweler's Brass, surgical steel earwires(gold-plated). 
The idea for both of these creations was to pair them with Swarovski crystals in colours of jewels worthy of royalty. Gold, too, is always favored by the wealthy. And that is metal colour common to these two creations. 
Of course, the Queen Mother (featured on this faux bank notes) would have Diamonds (the closest Swarovski gets to diamond is crystal) and Sapphires! Also, whilst there is some 'frippery' to the design, it remains elegant and simple. 
Just like the Queen would want! 
Title: Investments 
Ingredients: Resin-encased (hand-coloured and painted with non-toxic resin) faux paper currency, Swarovski crystals (Ruby), Czech glass, Jeweler's Brass, surgical steel earwires(gold-plated).
These bank notes focus on a gentleman of stature and repute and so the creation needed a bit more lavishness and adventure! I wanted the earrings to be elegant, yet "dripping" with rubies" (which is the colour of the Swarovski crystals, by the way!). 
Also mixed in the design was the desire to convey a more inquisitive, and worldly mindset (indicated in the metal wire-work and mixing of metal tones). 
These are for those who seek their fortunes in the world, rather than those who rule the world with their power and fortune. 

And I've one more creation to tempt you with (though there are more Sprite Creations and so much more fabulous art in the Show!!!!)....
Title:  Keyper of Time
Ingredients: Gold vermeil, hand-crafted porcelin, old watch parts, hand-crafted brass, vintage glass and chain, metal.
 This necklace is a mix of found objects and objects d'art!  I'd been looking for a design to show off the vermeil box and oval bead and come upon this idea for something Steampunk Royalty would wear!  Mixed into the golden palette are many tiny watch gears, some lovely, textured and patterned porcelin ceramic links from Earthenwood Studio, Swarovski crystals and more!
The colour palette is classic and rich, yet this is an intriguing tapestry of subtle textures and contours!

And there you have it! 
The end of this post and the start of my vacation!

If you're intrigued about CONvergence, click here for more details. 
I'll  see you next Wednesday!

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