Friday, July 12, 2013

Fini Friday! Vacation, Inspiration and Forward Motion!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I've photos of the nifty conveyance used on our vacation and a few ideas and inspirations to show you today!
First, the conveyance!
This is a Jeep that served in the US Postal Service in it's life before we adopted it.  Isn't it lovely?
You see it here with the doors locked open as well as packed and ready to go on vacation!
I'm quite pleased with how all the packing and loading went as it involved some streamlining and downsizing.  It was a relief to easily cull through what to pack based on what had (and hadn't!) worked from previous years (we vacation at the same event every year).  This meant, too, that I was easily able to find what was wanted whilst on vacation! 
This a perfect fit with my ongoing intention to focus on the wanted or desired, rather than what no longer serves or is unwanted.

Onward to the ideas and  inspiration!
Ideas next!
This is a batch of loot I picked up on Walkabout a little while ago!  The burgundy tag in the middle is the metal identification tag from a motor vehicle!  It was found on the side of the road with no wrecks in sight (thankfully!).  I can only theorize that it flew off of a crushed or soon-to-be-recycled vehicle as it was hauled away.  I'm not *quite* certain what I'll do with that tag, but I *love* the idea of fashioning it into something completely different and new! 

Let's close this post with inspiration and a new event!
I found this very old frame some time ago and have been looking for the perfect thing to do with it since.  
And now I've found it!  The inspirational thoughts and quotes have been collected from various bits of chocolate wrappers, tea bags and so forth and I love the bohemian nature of it!
I keep this on my desk and refer to it often, even as I type this post! 

Now about that event....
Tuesday, July 16th at 12 Noon (CST, USA)!
Join myself and Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom as the Faeries reveal their thoughts about the month of July! 
This is a special synergy of insight as Cheryl brings her extensive Numerology expertise to the interview! 
Come join us! 
And with that, I'll see you Monday! 


  1. Hey Sharon!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    The interview went quite well! Thanks!