Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! Whimsical Bits!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I hope your week has been fantastic so far!
This post is all about the little bits of whimsy I've found along the way of to and fro of life!
This first photo of two beads found from the same source and is a little bit of education for some.  
The bead on the right is how a finished bead is expected to look. It is not the highest quality plastic...given that the bead holes are not level, even or completely finished. Yet those things can be accommodated by bead caps and so forth.
Consider the bead on the left. See that little cylinder sticking out from the side of it? That is plastic left over from injecting plastic into the bead mold (thus creating the bead).  The cylinder is usually cut off. The site of its attachment is then usually sanded, heated or in some other way finished so as to erase any evidence of manufacture.
If you see a bead such as the one on the left, I suggest you do one of two things with it...
1. Avoid it like the plague and check the quality of the other beads from that same source carefully before purchase/adopting them.
2. Embrace its quirks and incorporate them into your design (knowing this is a lower-quality bead).
So, where is the whimsy in the above, you ask? The idea of incorporating the significant imperfection of the bead into a design, of course!!

This second photo is the last little bit of whimsy for today!  See those little tool charms?  
Aren't they fun?  
These were found at an antique store and I adore them!  I'm awaiting ideas for what sort of creation these will grow into...but...TINY TOOLS!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!
And that last little bead at the bottom?  
Where is the whimsy in that?  Well....
Doesn't that look like a disco ball?  I THINK SO!!!  Hee hee!!
I'm not really certain of the direction that design is going, but MINIATURE DISCO BALL for the WIN!!!

I hope this post helped inject a bit of fun and whimsy into your day!
I'll see you on Friday!

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