Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Hello Hello!

I have a charming pair of earrings and an experiment to show you today!
The earrings are a bit more on the dainty and subtle side of whimsical, but I find them endearing and I hope you do, too!!
The star has an almost bubbled-l
ooking copper finish on one side and is white, the base glass colour on the back. (You can juuust see that white peeking through the copper finish and around the sides!) I've been waiting for an excuse and idea to use these unusual Czech-pressed stars and when my eyes fell upon a spool of copper chain in my collection, I knew I'd found it!
It seemed a natural fit to dangle the star inside the hoop and I suspended the star independent of the hoop to maintain the motion of the dangle.
I wanted to do something a little extraordinary with the design, while keeping it classic and dainty and the use of the white wire (also copper-how perfect is that?!) was the perfectly whimsical, funky touch I was looking for.

Title: White Noise
Ingredients: Copper, Czech-pressed glass, silver plated surgical steel earwires

The title for these earrings popped to mind, but I wanted to do a little research as to why that title seemed so perfect to me. Here is the definition of white noise from Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary:
a : a heterogeneous mixture of sound waves extending over a wide frequency range.
b : a constant background noise; especially : one that drowns out other sounds.
The most obvious inspiration in the title is the white of both wire and glass star. However, given that coils of copper have been used as generators for motors and mechanical things (mechanical things tend to generate vibration and sound in addition to whatever they are created to do) and we have been listening to the stars in Outer Space for some time now, searching for a good alien conversation *grin* (the "white noise of Space"... or perhaps that's what the aliens think of OUR constant questing for them!), I think the title matches the creation quite well!

This is the results of an experiment that I'm happy to say turned out quite well~ I'd been experimenting with resin off and on for a while but stopped in discouragement mid-last year when several experiments, most notably with resin and beads turned out rather poorly. However, I'd been seeing artists around the the 'Net experimenting with combining resin and all sorts of things and was determined to try again! I ordered some colours, pigments and powders, oh my! and locked myself in my lab!!! *insert Mad Scientist/Artist laugh here*
Given that, you may understand how pleased I was that all turned out well!
You'll see the fairy and the clasp right above her in a creation and my blog very soon. But I'm also looking forward to how I can use the vintage brooch you see on the far left, the coin from Aruba that was given to me many eons ago, fancy-ing up the triangle earrings on the right, drilling and finishing the pop-cap pendants and etc. YAY! Fun STUFF!

So, there we have it! A little bit of colour, a little glitter and a successful experiment along with an winsome pair of earrings!

See you on Fini Friday!

P.S. If you happen to be in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area of the Twin Cities, MN, USA do stop by and see us at The Healing Loft tomorrow night for Sampler Night . In addition to all the usual offerings, we'll have a hand-picked menagerie of Creations there looking to find their people! Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi,
    Youve done a really nice job here!
    I especially like the Pin, and the Fairy.
    Ive thought about dabbling in this, but I am still unsure!
    Thanks for the inspiration, and the well written article :)

  2. Hello HeadpinWear!
    Thanks so much for your compliments!
    I'm really pleased with how this all turned out!
    I understand the hesitation. The biggest challenge for me is to measure the resin as nearly exactly as possible... that is.. to mix exactly as much of Part A as Part B. Once you've got that down, the rest of it is easy!
    Also, look online for tutorials on resin and colors and pigments. I believe has a number of excellent tutorials, just as an example.
    Have fun!