Friday, April 1, 2011

Fini Friday!

Iiiittt's FRIDAY!!!!
And it is April Fool's Day!
I don't really participate in April Fool's Day jokes and such because I find that most of them to be a bit mean, even if the intention is not.
So, no April Fool's Day jokes here!

Just a really fabulous necklace I am excited to show you-all!
You may remember a previous
Fini Friday post where I presented the beginnings of the Wild Woman necklace.
After playing around with several choices of large and small linked chain, I decided simplicity is the best!
One of the key factors in this decision was in playing with the different chains and having them become entangled in themselves. I don't generally like creations that are too fussy in terms of maintenance and needing to be endlessly untangled and I believe you-all probably feel the same way... so when just the chains themselves became easily entertwined, I became concerned not only about that sort of fussiness, but also about the Swarovski yarn!
Though the yarn is sturdy for what it is, it is still a multi-strand cable of fiber and so must needs be more delicate than metal chain. As visions of chains and yarn hopelessly tangled danced in my head, I changed directions!

Here she is, the finished creation!

Title: Wild Woman Ingredients: Hand-stamped lucite, Swarovski crystal, lucite, Swarovski crystal yarn, glass, metal.

See how I wrapped the crystal yarn around that awesome chain?
Yup! Simple but stunning, I think!

And here is a close-up of that fabulous focal and the lady herself!

I love the overall feel of this necklace. Certainly it is neo-Victorian... but it seems to blend a bit of Mae West and the Wild, Wild West... and could *just* be pulled over into Steampunk or Goth with a few other well chosen accessories or bits of a costume.
Wild is as wild does and I love that this lady and the creation she inspired has a certain "civilized-edge" to her wildness.

What a great sentiment to start the weekend, yes?

So! Be off with you!

See you next week!!!

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