Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Hello Again!
I have a little peek into my studio processes for you-all today!
Specifically, my show set-up!
I've had set-up and display changes in mind for some time and with a visit to the Reuse Center last week I found one (actually two!) pieces that I'd been on the look-out for!!

Here they are!

And I actually like the possibilities that the two different colors/finishes give me!

These are going to be my new earring rack.
The idea is to use hinges that will connect these two in the middle, hang the earrings (on the new folding cards), fold some sort of insulator inbetween the earrings hung on both sides of shutters as we close the shutters together, then wrap it with some sort of something around the "outside" and Voila! self-contained earring rack that is pre-loaded!

The shutters will settle on an adjustable artist easel so that they are at a good height for browsing and both artist easel and shutters pack down to just over 3 feet high by 2 feet wide or less! Exxcellent for packing & travel.
Since all is wood or aluminum, all should be quite sturdy and durable while still looking fabulous!

I do have plans to do some decorative painting on the shutters so....
You'll have to stop back by later to see what I've been up to!!

See you soon!

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