Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Welcome to this week's Whimsy Wednesday!

I have a little snippet of studio life to show you today, as I prepare for the Saint Paul Art Crawl this weekend!

About a week or two back, on the same trip that rewarded us with wooden shutters, we happened upon a military surplus store and found this!

It is a military field desk!
Where is the whimsy in that?
I anticipate it will become part of my show set-up as well as opening possibilities for a mobile studio!
Some may say it's just plain crazy, but I say it is whimsy when a company named Sprite Creations has, as an integral part of it's show set-up, a military field-desk! Just the juxtaposition alone greatly amuses me!
Also, I get points for "being green" (HA!) as I am 'recycling' a very useful thing!
Also, also, I score yet more points on it being practical, pragmatic and just plain awesome!

In the photo, you see the cover of the entire set-up is hinged onto supports, with the table leg folded down. The table leg folds into the table top or cover, both little seats fold into themselves and strap inside the foldable table leg and the whole works secures as a cover onto the little cube of a desk!
The space for the drawers on the bottom right are perfect for jewelry display trays and the various file drawers and etc. are perfect for mobile studio stuff, paperwork, bags, and etc. that are useful at shows.

The desk even came with a lock and two keys!...Unfortunately not in working order.
So, here we are then, at the end of another Whimsy Wednesday!
Stop by and see me sometime!
I am constantly updating my list of events, so check here for details!


  1. and your Dad was a Colonel in the Army, so Military is in your veins!

  2. I am very proud of the service that my Father and Brother have given to our country.