Friday, April 8, 2011

Fini Friday!

It feels tropical to me today because it has been sooo warm this week! YAY!!!
I hope it is a similar story in your neck of the woods!

I had 3 necklaces laid out with the Popcap Pendants that I created on this Whimsy Wednesday and anticipated finishing them this week. However, best laid plans and etc. have gone awry, but mostly in good ways and so I have one necklace to show you today!

First, a close-up of that Popcap Pendant, so you can see the beautiful sparklies that in that colored resin!

The Popcap is filled with coloured resin swirling around vintage glass pearls and faceted Czech glass beads. You can see another of the vintage glass pearls, along with a matching faceted Czech glass bead and Czech pressed glass shell dangling from a series of jumprings that also serve as part of the toggle for the dragonfly toggle clasp. And the final beautiful finishing touch is that fabulous spiral chain! I just love it!!!

So, here you have it! This Popcap Pendant creation once again, with a little bigger perspective and it's title:
Water Signs
Ingredients: Recycled natural cola pop cap, vintage glass pearls, Czech faceted and pressed-glass beads, sterling silver, metal, lead-free pewter.

I hope this weekend takes you on the wings of Adventure!


  1. What is a "natural" cola pop bottle lid? I understand the recycled part to mean that it was once used to cap a soda bottle, but natural seems confusing.......

  2. I love it! It looks like pre-formed pearls; just being born. Spring has started to come. Cannot wait for the colors to burst forth.
    Sz T

  3. @Anonymous (Not Sz T): Natural cola pop bottle cap is a pop bottle cap from a natural cola that I like to drink occasionally.

    @Anonymous (Sz T): Thank you! I know! We are all eagerly awaiting Spring, the warmth and the colors!