Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fini Friday!

Just a quick entry for Fini Friday as I pack and prepare for the Saint Paul Art Crawl !

I've had the idea for this necklace creation for more than a few years... In fact, the idea (and subsequent title) popped into my head as soon as the focal stone found it's way to me at a trade sho
w! The rest was bringing the materials together and the development as an idea grows into life.

Here it is...
Title: No One Told Her She Was Beautiful
Ingredients: Agate, Opal, marcasite, hand-dyed fiber (USA),sterling silver, recycled chain, hand-finished brass filigree, lead-free pewter (USA), thread, permanently-coated copper wire (USA), m

The clasp (marcasite & sterling silver):

And the focal that started it all:

This and other wonderful creations will be with me this weekend as we perch on the 5th Floor Atrium of the Lowertown Lofts building at The Crawl!
Stop by, in you're in town
and have the time! There is so much wonderful art to share.
On Saturday, Todd Madson of Aliensporebomb will be soundscaping from noon to about 3pm! (Click the photos on the page for samples of his music!

See you sooooon!!!

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