Friday, September 2, 2011

Fini Friday! Modding Displays Fini!

Hello Everyone!!!
I hope this post finds you-all well and already enjoying your long Labor Day weekend!
I want to take a moment to Thank all of those who have made this celebration of Labor Day possible.. past and present!

So! Remember Wednesday and the modding of the displays? I promised to show you the finished bracelet display and so I shall!!!
A few details first... I wanted to play with textures a bit with this display and so I used silver spray paint on the grey suede. I also experimented with spray distances and how the paint looked when the paint is sprayed in the same area for differing lengths of time. I found that spraying the paint for a relatively long time in the same spot results in the paint pooling in what looks to me like a puddle of molten silver metal! With that said, here is the finished display!

I'm pleased with how it turned out!

One other little thing I wanted to throw in here before I return you to your regularly scheduled Labor Day weekend!
I've been travelling out and about today and come home with a little bit of loot! I'm anxious to see what a little bit of resin can do with these!

There are three pins in the middle (the circle of roses has matching earrings) and two necklaces... I might just stamp something into the pendant of the necklace on the right! Hmmmmm... yes.... I'll have to play with that a bit more...... And with that, I'm signing off! Have fun!! See you next week!!

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