Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Cats & Computers!

Hello Everyone!
Though the sun was marvelous today, I can feel the Fall chill in the air!
I think some of that is reflected in some of the whimsical creations I have to show you today, since I see some warm and fiery colors peeking out at me from the workbench!
I've been working on Custom Creations with computer keys and so continued drilling additional keys, as well as creating a few pairs of cat earrings. Perhaps it is because Halloween is coming up, but as I looked at my creations at the Fall Art Festival last weekend, I noticed a distinct lack of kitties!! That has got to be fixed!
So here we are!
Whimsy #1: recycled, computer key earrings!
Which keys have I drilled, you ask?
Why Ctrl-Alt-Delete, of course!!!!

Whimsy #2: Cats!!!

Title: The Cat and the Moonlight
Ingredients: Czech-pressed glass, labradorite, metal, surgical steel earwires

It is really hard to photograph labradorite (of which moonstone is a pale version) so that you see the flash in the stone, but it is there!!!

Title: Guardian of Hearth and Home
Ingredients: Czech-pressed glass, Swarovski crystal, metal, surgical steel earwires

These earrings remind me of Bast of Egyptian mythology. Most often depicted as a black cat with gold accents, she was a guardian of family and the home. She used her keen cat-night-vision to prowl the darkness for danger and was depicted as both a sun and moon goddess!

There you have it.. cats and computers!
See you on Friday!!!
P.S. You can find me this weekend returning for the final Bean Factory Artist Market of the year. Stop by the J&S Bean Factory on Saturday, Sept. 17th from 10am to 6pm for nummy drinks, delicious treats, excellent company and a vibrant, laid-back atmosphere! Saint Paul, MN, USA!

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