Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Hearts and Mermaids!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to Whimsy Wednesday!
I took a little time today to play with wire and some slightly more unusual materials!
While the materials I'll be showing you shortly are not as extraordinary as a cow chain or fishing lures, they each had their own unique challenge.
The first two pairs of earrings use heart beads as their focal. The challenge with these beads is that the hole from which they dangle is actually too far away from the top edge of the bead to accommodate a jumpring, so a bit of wire-wrapping is in order!

Title: Green and Growing
Ingredients: Glass, permanently coated copper wire(USA), surgical steel earwires(silver-plated).

Title: Hearts Entwined
Ingredients: Glass, permanently coated copper wire(USA), surgical steel earwires(gold-plated).

Here is an added bit of Whimsy! I find the most interesting serendipities often happen whilst I am creating and so it was with these two pairs of earrings! I had the radio program on my computer set to random play and as I switched to creating these two earring pairs, I noticed that an Open Heart Meditation recording started playing at nearly the same time! Nifty and very appropriate!

And now, the flights of fancy (or should we say swims of fancy?) and the slam-dunk of whimsy!
You might remember when I brought these Squinkies home a little while back. I've been pondering what to do with the Mermaids and this is grew into being!

Title: Twins
Ingredients: Squinkie Mermaids, Bali silver, glass, metal, surgical steel earwires (silver-plated).

I love how the Bali silver spacers give the impression that each Mermaid is wearing a little crown!
So! Here we are, wrapping up another Whimsy Wednesday!
If you're in the mood for more Whimsy, tune into my interview with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom as we talk about Faeries, Life with Magic and who knows what else? Tomorrow at 3pm CST (USA) on BlogTalk Radio!

P.S. I'll be in the Saint Cloud (MN, USA) area for the
Mind, Body and Spirit Expo this Saturday from 10am to 6pm so stop by and say Hello if you're nearby!

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