Friday, January 27, 2012

Fini Friday! Deep Blue!

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome to Fini Friday!!!
I've a lot to show you today! Let's start with updates on the Studio Reorganization! It was brought to my attention that I might do a lot of sitting as I play through my day. I didn't think this was so, and I pondered what I do and how I do it as I worked through the next day. It's true! I do a lot of sitting! This prompted brainstorming on how to change and improve my workspace. I'd scored an old school (literally!) workbench on a garage sale a while back and had been storing it. Now is the time to integrate it into my studio space, as it is the perfect height for standing work! And here it is!
The top/work surface

The front, with the cabinet open. I'm surmising that this was a work bench in an art class, given the wooden guides along the bottom and the color codes in the cubbies near the top. Isn't this just wonderful?
As an added bonus, because of the very solid construction, I now have a work surface that I am confident can stand up to stamping (leatherwork) and pounding (metalwork) that have been on my list of things to play with! Woohoo!!
I'll post photos of it in it's final destination. For now, it is in good location for cleaning!
How does this tie in with the title of this post? AND! Speaking of cleaning up... the door on the cabinet needed hardware so as to make opening and closing it easier and I just happened to have the perfect thing on-hand!
A cobalt-blue glass knob! This is a reproduction of the vintage knobs, but I love it just the same!

And with that, I'm going to show you a few creations that are still growing into completion to finish up Fini Friday! These are both centered around the Popcap Pendants that I've shown in earlier posts and both have an ocean theme to them.
Let's take a look!

The pendant on the left was created with bits of actual sea-glass that I picked myself from Monterey Bay and along the Big Sur in California. That's also the majority of the bits of sea glass you see surrounding the pendant. The drilled glass beads you see towards the top are all recycled glass. I'm not certain where this is all going, but I love it so far! Whee!!!
The pendant on the right has 2 Czech glass shells submerged in the hand-pigmented resin and will be more whimsical and playful, with fish and other ocean denizens swimming through and around! I think we can all see how deep blue ties in with these creations!
So, there you have it! Fini Friday is fini!
Have a fabulous weekend!!

Oh!!! P.S....if you remember a few pairs of earrings I introduced on Wednesday? Well, In the Immortal Words of Socrates... is now up in my Etsy shoppe!!! Click on over if you're interested!
I'll see you on Monday!

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