Monday, January 23, 2012

Magical Mondays! Rainbow Trees and Jell-O Origami!

Hello Everyone!
It is snowing, with big, beautiful, fluffy snowflakes here in my neck of the woods! This is the stuff that wonderful winter photos and Thomas Kincade-esque tableaus are made of!

I'm excited about the nifties I have to share with you today!
The article about these Rainbow Eucalyptus trees crossed my path last week and I knew I had to show them to all of you! An interesting article chock-full of fabulous photos is here. The photo below will give you a small taste of their gorgeous colours!

The photographer appears to be Vicki Santillano and you can find the photograph and more of her work here! WOW!!!

This last nifty I find quite amazing! I love to see what amazing things others create and this is really cool!
I give you...Jell-O Origami!

You can find the blog post about it here. In reviewing the post, it looks like the Jell-O is not actually folded, but glued instead. Really, though, I still find it amazing! Take a look at what else these innovative people are doing!
And there you have it! Inspiration on a Monday!
Before I sign off to see you on Wednesday, I wanted to remind you of my BlogTalk Radio Interview tomorrow at 3pm CST(USA)! I'll be returning to Cheryl Patton's 1Woman's Wisdom Radio Show and we'll be chatting about the third Message From the Faeries! Not sure what that message is, but are intrigued?!! Stop by and take a listen or ...look us up in the Archives! Details are here!
See you Wednesday!!!!

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