Friday, January 13, 2012

Fini Friday! Growing!

Hello Everyone!
Iiiiitttt's Friday!!! Woohooo!!!!
I've a full weekend of fun stuff ahead and I hope you do, too!
In true Fini Friday tradition, I have creations that have grown into completion and some that have journeyed farther along that path!
Let's get to it, shall we?
You might recall a few Whimsy Wednesdays back, I went on Walkabout and showed a few treasures I picked up along the way...
I'm excited to share with you the completed copper cuff bracelet!
Take a look!
Title:MerWorld Adornment
Ingredients: Upcycled copper bracelet, Czech glass, brushed copper, permanently-coated copper wire (USA).

Isn't it gorgeous? I'm so pleased with it! (If you love it too, it is up for adoption on my Etsy site here!

And now... a little glimpse into those that are still growing!
As some of you may know, I have a lot of fun playing with a non-toxic resin I have in the studio and especially mixing glittery pigments into it and pouring into recycled popcaps! Well! I have a batch to show you that are complete in that the pendant tableau has been created, resin has cured and so the popcap/bezel portion is complete... and yet there is one more step that is needed for them to become pendants. Let's look at the little vignettes before I disclose the next step!

These are hard to photograph as the resin drys to a glass-hard finish, but hopefully you can get some idea of the beauty in each cap!
The finishing touch is drilling the caps with my Dremel and threading various appropriate jumprings through the holes so the caps have something to hang by.

Hopefully you can see the little round rings at the top of each pendant! This is where the chain, ribbon, cord or whatever these pendants will be suspended by are woven through. Voila! Now they are pendants and ready to be adopted as-is or interlaced into a necklace creation!
Check in here again to see what happens with them next!
Have an excellent weekend!

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