Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! On Safari!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Wednesday!! I don't know about the weather for you-all, but winter has arrived for me! The weather in the Midwest is so changeable!! 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) yesterday and about 16 degrees right now! I was actually missing the snow, so I'm happy to see this!

Let's start our adventure with the namesake of this blog first and then show you the more beautiful whimsy-creation last!
So! First up on our tour... More Squinkies!!! I think the safari reference will become pretty obvious in a moment!
Title: Lions and Tigers
Ingredients: Squinkies(rubber), Bali silver, metal, hypo-allergenic surgical steel.

Aren't they adorable? Doesn't it look like they are plotting something?! Heeee!!!
Incidentally... these are up for adoption in my Etsy Shoppe!

And our final destination is something very Faerie and whimsical... including a bell!
Title: A Map to the Forest Temple
Ingredients: hand-made Popcap Pendant (moonstone, green aventurine, fabric leaf, glitter, non-toxic resin, popcap), Swarovski crystal butterfly, fine and lead-free pewter (USA), Czech glass (some is vintage), acrylic, metal.

And a close-up of that nifty Popcap Pendant!

Let's spend a little more time on this creation for a moment, shall we? I love that the Swarovski butterfly adds more sparkle as it hovers above the pendant! You should really see the moonstone orb glow in the pendant in person! The photos don't do it justice! The star tucked in the top right of the pendant is green adventurine....reputed to bring luck on adventures and games of chance while also bearing the power to assist in healing the Earth! (Good for trying your luck at finding any temple!) The birds nest is cast in fine pewter and is from Green Girl Studios (in South Carolina, USA)! The glass bead reminiscent of a murky jewel just down from the lovely little blue-bell flowers is vintage Czech glass. The metal charm on the top right always reminds me of a prayer box! And the bell has the most wonderful, full and mellow tone to it! The clasp is the leaf and tendril you see on the left hand side below the metal blutterfly! And the two gunmetal links you see the Popcap pendant suspended from are created with filigree metal-work!
All in all, just the sort of creation a Faerie might use as a guide to a Hallowed Ground!
Well, that concludes our safari!! I hope you enjoyed the journey! I'll look to see you back here on Friday!

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