Monday, January 16, 2012

Magical Monday! The Lighter Side of Inspiration!

Hello Everyone!!
I've found a few bits of inspiration to share today that seem to span two different worlds, yet to me are really all about creating and living the life you want!

This first photo needs no inspiration explanation for any Sci-Fi Geek or Star Wars Fan!
epic fail photos - WIN!: Poster Room WIN

It is true that this room is made of awesome and win! and that the owner(s) have definitely created a home that celebrates their passion and interests! Yet, it is also true that The Rebellion, Luke, Leia, Han and so many others in the Star Wars movies fought and strived to create the lives they wanted.

The video link here is the second bit of information I have for you and is about a mother of 4 children who found something she loved and used it to change her life and those of her family in healthy and inspirational ways!

Let's go out and create a bit more of what we want in our lives, yes?
See you Wednesday!

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