Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Cats, Colours and Summer!

Hello Everyone!! 
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!! 
This post will be a bit of mixed media as I have a few photographs to show you as well as some very whimsical beads I'm looking forward to creating with! 
Let's continue to mix it up and I'll show you the beads in-between the photos! 
Title: Looking Upon Summer
I love the lush greens and the serene pose of the kitty!...and especially the little details like the clover flowers in the foreground!
These beads are hand-made by Serena Mira Asta! These were created some years ago by her and she has since moved on to eco-friendly silk scarf art, drawing, writing and so much more! She is also a sweet and jolly person! They are a bit of prototypes as she was combining textures, techniques and styles while creating them. 
I'm looking forward to playing them, yet they will need a special person to adopt them as they are experiments and may be evidence all those little features that such unique creations usually have! 
I wanted to say a bit about the colours of these beads... they remind me of all that is soft and warm and bright... and perhaps snuggly.. reminiscent of a comfy quilt...YAY! 

And the last photo! 
Title: What Catches a Cat's Attention
Again, I love the gorgeous colours and the classic, whimsical pose of the cat! 

So that's it for Whimsy Wednesday! Where will I be next, you ask? 
Why just look to the left for my next show!!   
Fall Art Festival 
Saturday, September 8th Only! 
10am to 4pm City Center Market 
122 North Buchana Street Cambridge, MN (USA

It would be lovely to see you there!

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