Friday, August 10, 2012

Fini Friday! Studio Reorg and a Space-y New Creation!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope your week has been filled with wonderful adventures so far!
I've some fun and interesting things to show you today!
Let's check out a bit of studio reorganization first!

I brought home two of these rolling cabinets a little more than a week ago and was excited to see how they could move the progress of my studio forward! As some of you know from listening to my July BlogTalk Radio Interview, I've been looking at options in replacing my flat files (which I blogged about here). They are absolutely marvelous still and an excellent storage/work area, but I'm finding that I'm losing materials and things in the back of the files. This has become a case of having a little too much room! (I know, what a problem, huh?!) I don't have a completely coalesced vision of what will replace all of it, especially the very sturdy workspace that the top provides, but I am looking at mechanic's tool chests! I've been pondering on these for some time and I love many things about them, including the more finite space (less opportunity for 'lost' things), more storage on wheels (YAY!) and just the whimsy of having my artistic things in tool chests! Hee! So! Here is one of the rolling cabinets clean and empty (but not for long... Mwwwwhhahahahaha!!!)
The second photo shows the two cabinets and another organizer that had been languished unused and is now pressed into service all full and sitting next to those lovely flat files!

I've the bottom three drawers as well as another mostly empty, so that's progress!

Ok!  Onward to more fun stuff!
I've a new earring creation to show you!
I was playing with these bead-caps and beads and these grew up quickly!  Their title was literally singing in my head as I finished them (courtesy of the Muppet Show, let's see if you get the reference!)
Title:  Faeries In Space!
Ingredients:  Glass, lead-free pewter, metal, surgical steel earwires (hypoallergenic)

Get the reference?  The short min-series on the Muppet Show - Pigs In Space?
These will be available for adoption at my show tomorrow!  
The show is just outside an independent coffee shop on the North end of Saint Paul, MN (USA)!  There will be yummy beverages and nummy treats available, most excellent art and enticing music (especially by our friend Todd Madson)!

It would be grand to see you there!
August 11th!
Saturday only!  10am to 6pm
1579 Hamline Avenue North
Saint Paul, MN 55108

Have an excellent weekend!

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