Friday, August 17, 2012

Fini Friday! Flowers, Faerie Dust and Dragons, Oh My!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope you have some fun things lined up for your weekend!
Let's start this blog post out with something fairly mellow!

These earrings have been languishing for some time as they require a degree of wire-wrapping skill and confidence that I lost (mostly the confidence) part-way through their creation!

Title: Twining
Ingredients: Glass, Artistic wire, Niobium (hypo-allergenic) earwires

Much of the wire-work I do is free-form and so it is with these! They are of my own design and designed-in-the-moment. Sometimes when I'm in the midst of that and the results are not what I'd like, I become discouraged and hide the creation away for a while...I used to do this much more often. I'm much more fearless now and am continuing working towards that end of the spectrum!
Next up are more Faerie Dust Bottles!
These are popular at shows and I love playing with glitter, so it is a win-win for everyone!  The bottle on the right shows a more dreamy mix, the center bottle is so very Pink! and the mix on the left is very warm and rich...perhaps reminiscent of something like stumbling upon a Faerie coffee shop in the Woods?

This last photo is of two delightful little dragons hand-sculptured by Nikita of Dragonrose Designs!  I'm proud to call her friend and fellow artist and she is letting me play with these handsome fellows!  I can't wait to see what they grow into!!!
So that's it for this Fini Friday post!
 Below is where to find me next week!!!!

My BlogTalk Radio Interview discussing Messages From the Faeries #10!
It would fabulous to hear you in the audience!  Join us for all things Faerie!
See you on Monday!


  1. Now we both have a photo by those beautiful MIA pillars. But yours will always have a little more magic!

  2. Hello Sharon!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! again! at being selected for the 3rd Year in a Row for the MIA's Art PerChance Festival!! You are awesome!
    I saw your photo by the pillars at MIA! Neat! You look comfortable, natural and very much at home!
    Wings help with the magic! Hee!