Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday and Halloween!!!! 
I hope this day and night are filled with many, many treats and no tricks! 
Also, let me wish a most fun-filled Samhain, All Hallow's Day and All Saint's Day (tomorrow) to those that celebrate! 
So! I have new creations to show you today! 
One is elegant and creepy and the other is noteworthy and fun! 

First up! The noteworthy and fun! 
Working Title: The Dragon's Garden 
Ingredients: Dragon bead (Green Girl Studios) hand-cast of fine pewter, Mood beads, lead-free pewter, steel pen (USA).
Did you see my pun there?  Note-worthy?  It's a Pen..Hee hee!!!
The beads that flank the Dragon are Mood Beads, which means they will change colour with the temperatures around them! That fabulous Dragon is three-dimensional and is hand-cast by Green Girls Studios! He is so awesome!!! I love the mystery that this simple design evokes!!! 

And now! The elegant and creepy! 
Working Title: Gothi-Pop Elegance 
Ingredients: Chalk Turquoise skulls(dyed), cut crystals, vintage and non-vintage Czech glass.
I generally prefer to stay on the lighter side of the Goth/Noir aesthetic and that includes any type of skull or bone. With that in mind, I brought these colourful skulls home to experiment and stretch my creativity a bit. If I was going to play with skulls and so forth, they needed to be colourful or whimsical or unusual in some manner!  Speaking of stretching, this bracelet stretches too! It is strung on stretchy cord, so no clasp is needed! Just pop it over your hand for instant skull-appeal! I love the mixture of textures, colours and the feel of this bracelet! It is a bewitching mix of elegance, creepiness, intriguing colours and a bit of the Fae! 

And that's a wrap (though perhaps not a mummy's wrap - HA!)! 
Have a fun-filled Holiday and I'll see you on Friday! 

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