Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! BookMarks Abound!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday! 
My week, so far, has been productive so far and I hope the same can be said of yours! 
I've been playing with some of the loot I brought home at the end of September and have some of the first finished creations to show you! 
I found the bookmark blanks and fell in love with the details stamped in raised into them! I chose one each in an antiqued brass and antiqued silver finish, which showed the stars, moon, flowers and etc. in lovely detail! 
Here is what they grew into! 
Title: Fairy Tale 
Ingredients: Vintage German Glass, Czech glass, metal
  Did you see the pun in the title? Hee! 
My vision was to combine a variety of colours and textures in this creation much like a tapestry!  The golden-yellow bead is actually Vintage German glass and always reminds me of the sun!  It seemed a fitting match to a lovely strand of flower beads and a leaf dancing in the breeze with our Ballerina Fairy in the midst!  if you look closely, you might be able to see the extraordinary chain from which these are suspended!  It is an infinity symbol and two hearts set back-to-back!  Isn't that just intriguing!?!

And now! 
For the second bookmark! 
Title: Stars and Fish 
Ingredients: Earthenwood ceramic starfish, cultured Pearl, Czech glass, metal.  
I relish the bright ocean-inspired colours!  Perfect for warding off thoughts of the upcoming winter chill!  
I was delighted to find the star-shaped cultured pearls and have had so much fun weaving them into various creations!  That's the star you see beside the Ocean Blue spiral bead at the top!  I treasure the whimsical addition of the bright green, petite fish swimming just above the ceramic StarFish!  Speaking of the StarFish.... that's a hand-fashioned porcelain bead from Earthenwood Studios! I adore Melanie's work and have so much fun playing with her creations as materials! 
Well there we have it!
The end of another Whimsy Wednesday!
I'll see you right back here for Fini Friday!

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