Friday, November 16, 2012

Fini Friday! Re-Creation Redux!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Fini Friday and the work week end for many! 
I hope this week has been grand for you-all! My week has been busy preparing for the Arts Fest tomorrow! It would be fabulous to visit with you there, if you're in the North Branch, MN (USA) area! 
I've many re-creations to show you today, so let's get started!
First, more earrings that have been refined and re-imagined!
These are all single earrings.

Title: As Yet Unknown
Ingredients: Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, metal, silver-plated surgical steel earwire.
I left this design largely untouched and simply added better materials (the Cobalt Swarovski crystal and additional Czech glass). The simplicity of this design is belied by the compliment of delicate and vibrantly saturated colours. 
Perfect for a Sprite Creation!

Title: As Yet Unknown
Ingredients: Czech glass, Rose Quartz, Mother of Pearl, metal, silver-plated surgical steel earwire.
The golden-hued beads in between the chips of Rose Quartz and Mother-of-Pearl were added to give a sort of framing effect to each stone or shell. 
I think this adds more interest and a soft glow of life and beauty to this spare design!

Title: As Yet Unknown
Ingredients: Czech glass, Shell, lead-free pewter(USA), metal, silver-plated surgical steel earwire.
This was the most changed of the earrings featured in this post. The original creation had these shell chips simply stacked on top of each other. 
I love the colour and texture variations of the shell chips and wanted to echo that in the rest of the earring.  As with the Rose Quartz earring above, I framed each shell with a flower-like spacer above and below.  Additional colours and textures were lent by the ribbed silvered-metal round bead and finished with antique-copper-hued, tiny, plain bead.

And we'll wrap up this post with photos of the original design and materials and the re-creation! 
Title: Warrior Fae 
Ingredients: Czech glass, hand-made clay beads and claws, glass, sterling silver, lead-free pewter, steel cable.
The original design....
The re-creation... 

I can definitely tell the difference between the materials available for the original design and what I have access to now! I am extremely thankful for both the innovations in the bead industry and expanded budget that have taken place between these two creation points in time! It truly makes a world of difference!

So, there you have it! 
Another Fini Friday finished! 

I'll be at the Arts Fest tomorrow from 9am to 4pm! 
We'll have everything hand-made from fabric to jewelry, photographs to glass creations and absolutely everything in between! Much of the proceeds go back to the Middle and High Schools of North Branch, so this is a fabulous opportunity to support independent artisans and businesses as well as local schools!
Look for us in the Middle School Cafeteria! 
Spot 5E! 
37775 Grand Avenue, 
North Branch, MN 55056
Have an awesome weekend! 

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