Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Whimsy and the Practical!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I hope this mid-point in the week is treating you well!
This has been a busy week for me so far and will continue to be so as I ramp up for the Holiday Geek Expo this weekend(see details below!)!
That said, I have a few creations that are both practical and whimsical for you today!
Let's start with the most whimsical first!
Title: Cat's Paw
Ingredients: 8GB USB Flash Drive, Green Girl Studios "Kitty Comfort" bead, lead-free pewter, metal.
And a close-up of that Cat's Paw, which is also the USB Flash Drive! Hee Hee!
The "kitty Comfort" bead is on the right, below the iridescent fish. It has a serene and mysterious kitty on the side facing us and the words "Kitty Comfort" on the back. This bead was hand-cast by Green Girl Studios in their South Carolina studio!
Other nifty details include a whole fish kitty-corner (did you see that pun?) to the skeletal fish remains, an adjustable wrench charm, little black feathers (perhaps also the remains of a recent birdie repast?)fluttering here and there and a cat-and-mouse toggle clasp! Oh yes! I forgot to mention the chain!  It is made of alternating links of double-hearts and infinity symbols!  Very cool!
Here is a better view of the cat-and-mouse clasp and that fabulous chain!
There is a whole bunch of whimsy wrapped up in this very practical storage-device/necklace-creation!

I've one more creation to show you today! 
Title: Words of Love 
Ingredients: Brass&Copper Pen, hand-made silk bead (with French words), hand-made furnace glass, lead-free pewter, acrylic. 
This creation leans towards the romantic side of whimsy! The bead with the French words on it is hand-rolled silk fabric (USA Artisan made)!  The two golden-coloured or striped beads are hand-made furnace glass.  The bottom bead has a wonderful texture due to the bubbles made during it's creation!  The other glass bead (just above the silk bead) has a core that traverses between garnet and cranberry, wrapped with clear glass and swirled thin gold stripes.  This entire creation has a wide variety of rich colours and depth of textures with a sensual feel!  Perfect for writing words of love! 
Also!  Gold has long been associated with both wealth and spiritual ascendancy, while red is legendary as the colour of love. Of course, en francais is known as the language of romance and amour! So much wrapped up in one creation!  Whew!
So, where can you find these beauties?
Meet them in-person at my next show!
The Holiday Geek Expo this weekend!
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm
Plaza 5&6 (1st Floor, Short Tower)
Join us for all things Geek!!! 

It would wonderful to see you there!

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