Friday, December 21, 2012

Fini Friday! Bottles, Charms and a Pouch, Oh My!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
I've some raw materials and a nifty leather pouch to show you today! 
Why am I showing you the nifty leather pouch? 
 First, because it is nifty! Second, because I procured it from a fellow vendor at the Holiday Geek Expo and lastly, for reference! Folks at shows have lately been asking me where I obtain all the Faerie Finery that I wear at shows, so I'm going to start cataloging some of that here! 
And really lastly... because it is fun stuff to show you! 
Ok! Starting with some raw materials.... 
These are charms I found earlier this week and brought home to the studio. The stagecoach and cowboy boot charm, though large, are quite light-weight! I envision them becoming chunky, funky earrings! Stay tuned to see what they grow into!

And now, the nifty leather pouch! The fellow vendor who created this pouch is Da Vinci Scientifica. As you might imagine from the name, they create all manner of Steampunk accessories! 
This is a basic leather pouch in a fabulously flashy shade of red! I'm toying with the idea of playing with it and one of my leather punches so as to create a border around the edges of the flap with the snap....hmmmmmmmm....!!! It bears experimentation!!!

The pouch contains two lovely, long bottles safely stowed away! 
Bottles that could hold secrets! Bottles that could hold Faerie Dust! Bottles that could mysteries and legends and anything else I wish to fill them with!!! (Insert evil laugh here!)
What will I fill them with? 
You'll just have to stop back by to find out! 
Hee hee!! 
So, that's it for me here at Sprite Creations and for Fini Friday! 
Have a fantabulous weekend and I'll see you on Monday! Ciao!

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