Friday, December 28, 2012

Fini Friday! Faerie Pouch Fini!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to the final Fini Friday of 2012! 
(It is a bit strange to think in those terms!!!!)
 Last Friday, I showed you a red leather pouch I acquired from a fellow vendor at one of my December shows. 
The pouch contained two empty glass bottles, just waiting to be filled! 
And I have filled them! 
Let me show you!!! 

The first bottle is filled with all sorts of treasures of a sort that a Faerie might desire to keep close at hand!
Let's see what is in there! Hand-felted Faerie stones (from England!), a cobalt Star, Fairy leaf, Quartz Crystal(clear), Kyanite, Amber, a rose and shell bead, a spring, mechanical bits, a Fairy-sized wrench, a heart with wings, a silver leaf, and a sunset-coloured star. 

 The second bottle is filled with Faerie Dust! (I suppose that is predictable, huh?!) As I was securing the cork stopper in the top of the bottle, I noticed that Faerie Dust colours were arranged in rainbow and chakra colours! How appropriate and interesting! I had no plan when pouring in the Faerie Dust save using colours that made my heart sing! Faerie Dust, of course, brings good luck! This is always a good thing to have around!!!! 

Let's wrap up this post with a photo of the pouch fully loaded! 
I really love how this turned out and look forward to using it in the future! 
Maybe you'll see it during a visit at a show and let me know what you think! 
That would be grand! 
Have a most excellent weekend and I'll see you on Monday! Ciao!

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