Friday, December 14, 2012

Fini Friday! Ringing in New Treasures!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
This will be just a quick post whilst I am preparing for my show tomorrow! 
Onward to the Treasures! 
First, A Ring! Title: Jewel of a Bygone Era 
Ingredients: Vintage German glass, lead-free pewter, glue. 
I love this ring! 
It is the perfect mix of ageless beauty! It is also adjustable! WOOT! 

Next up! A Tinker Faerie Treasure Bottle! 
This is something a little bit new, inspired by suggestions from folks who visited us at the last show! 
Ingredients: a spring, Amber, Kyanite, Rock Crystal, glass, acrylic, lead-free pewter, metal, cork hand-felted "Faerie Stone" (England!). 
These are all little treasures that a Faerie who values mechanics as well as natural things would gather! 

I'll wrap this post up with a little bit of creations that are still growing! 
These are all Popcap Pendants that I finished over the weekend! Some have particular designs and ideas already attached and some are still in the dreaming! You might catch a glimpse of Swarovski crystals, old watch parts, vintage rhinestones, stickers, beads, and an old Kachina pendant in amongst these pendants! 
Stay tuned to see what they grow into! 
The top two creations will be with me tomorrow at the Women's Art Festival! 

The 20th Annual Women's Art Festival! Come join us at the Midtown YWCA in Minneapolis, MN (USA)!
Saturday, Dec. 15th only!
10am to 5pm.
There will be live music all day, an on-site coffee shop and art of all kinds and for all budgets!

P.S. The weather is looking rather winter-y and entertaining! Yes! I promise you, we will be there!
 It would be lovely to see you there!
If not, I'll see you on Monday!

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