Monday, December 10, 2012

Magical Monday! Thinking Outside the Box!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
Winter has finally come to my neck-of-the-woods with lots and lots of snow! 
I'm glad about this as the snow makes it seem truly like Winter and Christmas/Winter Holidays to me, rather than just one long Fall! The snow is fluffy and sparkly and lovely! YAY!
I've one of my favorite kinds of posts for you today! 
I have all sorts of examples of "thinking outside the box", that is using things for useful purposes for which that they weren't intended! I often have great fun doing this in my jewelry! 
First, an unusual Christmas Tree! 
Credits and details are here
Since I love nearly all things books, I adore this Christmas Tree! YAY!!!! 

Next is an unusual application of pinball machines and an awesome way to create art! 
Credits and details are here!
Isn't that fun??!

And finally, let me show you something along the lines of the Tiny House movement... a Transforming Home!
Click here for pictures, details and credits!
I think it's wonderful to take old shipping containers and repurpose them in this manner! 
 How intriguing!!!

I'll leave you with information of my final show for 2012!
When is that, you ask?
The 20th Annual Women's Art Festival! Come join us at the Midtown YWCA in Minneapolis, MN (USA)!
Saturday, Dec. 15th only!
10am to 5pm.
There will be live music all day, an on-site coffee shop and art of all kinds and for all budgets!

And with that, I'll see you on Wednesday!! 

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