Monday, December 31, 2012

Magical Monday! Illuminating Surroundings!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the final Magical Monday of 2012!
For those who are new to the blog, Magical Mondays are intended to be a quick bit of magic to help start your week off well!
Many of us start our work-week out on Mondays and so are less than thrilled with the day.
This post is here to help and spread more magic!
Thanks for joining us!
I've fun little vignettes to show you today concerning either illumination or dwelling spaces (or both)!
Let's get started with the most simple idea first....
Details and credits are here! I call these Tea Cup Lights and I can see them in a kitchen, coffee shop, funky parlor, and so much more!
This next photo is of an awesome bed.  It would be fun to see if rocking yourself to sleep would work well in one of these!  If it were me, I'd have some of those Tea Cup Lights in here for illumination!!! Hee! Details and credits for this design and photo are here! Next up is a fabulous cat walk...complete with a Secret Lab (which every Cat has, of course)!
I would have this in the next room over from the ship-bed with the Tea Cup Lights... and perhaps I'd have some of the lighting in my Secret Lab be beakers and maybe test tubes! Details and credits for it are here

Last, but certainly not least, are illuminated boats! 
I love the rainbow hues captured by this photograph! 
(Photo credits and details are here!)

I'll wrap this up by saying... 
I and Sprite Creations wish you an awesome and most excellent year of 2013! May your life adventure be filled with Joy, Love, Freedom, Beauty and Gratitude! 
May the map of your world expand exponentially as the frontiers of what you know are thrown wide open!


    May this be your best year yet!!! :D