Monday, December 3, 2012

Magical Monday! Playing in the Lab!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday! I hope your weekend was fantastic! My weekend absolutely was!
The Holiday Geek Expo was most excellent and the new location was definitely a win for everyone! Let me say a bit Thank You to friends, old and new, who stopped by for a visit! It was so much fun to meet or become reacquainted with you! Whee!!!

I've fun things that either are directly relating to a Lab or look like a fanciful, alternative-future lab!
First, a vignette of life in a real Lab!
  Credits and details are here! This looks like a fun place to work, doesn't it?

Next up!
Robots! Or more accurately - a robot lamp! Meet Pinokio - the Desk Lamp Robot (just like the Pixar mascot)! Click here for video, details and credits!
This lamp is equipped with facial recognition software, servos and is run on Open Source software! Woot!

Let's wrap up this post with that thing that looks like it came out of an alternative-future lab! 
I give you-Singapore's Solar Garden!
  Credits and details are here! This is really an amazing place that grew out of a bit of a violent past. Click on through the photos to see all of the decor and a video of the Solar Trees at night! 

And thus we end this Magical Monday post! 
I hope you enjoyed this adventure and I'll see you on Wednesday! 


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