Friday, February 22, 2013

Fini Friday! Beginnings!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
As the title implies, today is a blog post full of beginnings! 
Let me show you! 
This is the beginning of some sort of jewelry art. I'm not certain what these will grow into. Yet I couldn't pass up a wonderful opportunity to 1. dismantle something and 2. create with such wonderfully vibrant-coloured keys...from a computer keyboard!!! 

In celebration of the beautiful, soft, big flakes of snow graced our home today, I've another winter photograph to show you! 
Title: Steampunk Story Beginning There is just so much here that begs to be written into a Steampunk story! What is that metal thing? What was it's purpose? Why is it out there in the snow? Was it abandoned? Will someone, or something return for it? All sorts of questions that want answers! I love art that inspires more art, don't you? And so we come to the end of our brief list of beginnings (and this post)! 
Have a fabulous weekend! 
I'll see you on Monday! 

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