Monday, February 11, 2013

Magical Monday! Floating Carriages and a Story!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Magical Monday and the beginning of the work week for many! 
I hope your weekend was full of warmth and joy! 
I've one photo and a few videos for you today! 

I love finding art in the mundane world and this, while unrefined, looks like so much fun! 
I'd smile every time I came home to it!
Details and credits are here!

This first video is about a disabled fish and a floating carriage that someone created for it! Click here to view! Isn't that heart-warming?!  The fish looks fairly happy! 

 And the final video is an unlikely story told with graffiti! Click here to see! Isn't that so interesting?! I don't normally care for graffiti, but I find this batch intriguing! 
So there you have it! 
A quick breath of fresh air on a Monday! 
I'll see you on Wednesday! 

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