Monday, February 25, 2013

Magical Monday! Unlikely Places...

Welcome to Magical Monday!
I hope your weekend was most excellent!
Mine was full of games and good food!
This post holds the theme of finding rainbows and art creation in unlikely places and an extraordinary swimming partner!
Let me show you!

This is the Castello di Sammezzano in Tuscany, Italy!
Credits and details are here. I adore the amazing mix of colours, textures and architecture!

This is a unique application of a car and it's wheels in connection with pottery! Credits and details are here! What an interesting idea! I wonder how well it works?!

We'll wrap this up with a photo (not mine) of that extraordinary swimming partner!
Credits and details are here!
 Isn't that fantastic?!
What a wonderous thing!
Thus ends this Magical Monday post.
See you on Wednesday!

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