Monday, March 11, 2013

Magical Monday! Old, New and Many Kindnesses!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Magical Monday!!! 
I hope your weekend was filled with fun and frolic! 
I've a post full of cheer for you-all today! 
Let's start with an awe-some sand sculpture celebrating Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Middle Earth! Details and credits are here
I can't imagine how many hours that took! Look at all the details!! WOW!!!! I wonder if there the White Tree of Gondor is up there? Hmmmm....... 

Onward to the new! If you remember the game Operation, you'll be amused by this! A robot used in the operating theatre at a Medical facility, playing the child's game of Operation! 
Hee hee!!! Credits and details are here

And now... the many kindnesses previously mentioned.....Click here for the list!!! 

So, that's a wrap for this Magical Monday! Before I go, I'll mention my first show of 2013!
Burst Into Spring!
It is in Cambridge, MN, USA and details are here
It would be grand to see you there! 
In the meantime, I'll see you Wednesday! 

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