Monday, March 18, 2013

Magical Monday! Space and Time!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
I'll start with a big Thank-You! to everyone who stopping by our booth at the Burst Into Spring event on Saturday! This was our first time at this mini-convention and we had a fabulous time! Everything was infused with cheerfulness and joy in all things growing! YAY!! 
This post features amazing art, an excellent way to enjoy the Winter Season and a heart-warming story. 
Let me show you! 
This is an absolutely amazing bit of papercraft by David Canavese!!! 
Details and credits are here.
I can only imagine how much intricate work and skill this took to create! 

Still following the Star Wars and Millenium Falcon theme, we have an awesome Dad helping his child enjoy the fun of Winter!
Details and credits are here! That looks like a lot of fun!!! 

 Let's finish up with heart-warming news about Japan and saving the one remaining tree after the tsunami.... Click here for photos and details! 
I love seeing the natural world valued and nurtured! YAY!! 
I hope you are able to take those bits of joy out into your world! 
Before we part ways, I've a BlogTalk Radio Interview to mention! 
It is the Message From the Faeries for March, 2013! Tomorrow, March 19th, from 3-3:30pm (CST,USA)! Click here for the link and more details! 
I hope you can listen in and that I'll see you back here for Whimsy Wednesday! 

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