Friday, August 2, 2013

Fini Friday! Baling Out!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
I hope your week has been fabulous and your weekend looks to be even better! The Whimsy Wednesday about a week ago was all about local colour and had a bit of baling twine introduced at the end. 
I vowed to do something jewelry-like with that twine and I have!!!! 
YAY! This post is all about showing you what grew into completion! MMmmmuuuahhahahahaaa! (Evil Laugh)! 
So! Here is a photo of the raw (stringing) material...
Isn't that a beautiful shade of blue!
So vibrant!
The twine is fairly thick (as beading stuff goes), so large-hole beads were needed.
That narrowed down my options a bit.
I opted for a more classic colour scheme, since I wanted to show off the rather unorthodox stringing material.
And here it is!

Title: As Yet Unknown
Ingredients: Baling Twine, Acrylic, lead-free pewter, aluminum, metal. The Necklace... The Clasp.... 
And a view of the necklace with the clasp worn on the side... 
Whilst pondering the finishing of the necklace, I knew I wanted to use an attractive clasp so that the necklace could be worn in different ways (I *love* building options into my creations!). The heart (actually TWO hearts!) clasp fit the bill perfectly! It is not only lovely, but is also a fitting tribute to the United States' Heartland, which produces most of the food for this Nation and some of the planet!
Other nifty details include an alternating pattern of silver and blue linking both ends of the clasp to the twine, echoing the overall pattern of colour.  
And those acrylic beads!  Perhaps you can tell from the photos, but the sunlight transforms them into little orbs that seem to glow!  WHEEE!!!!!
So there you have it!
All sorts of fun and frolic to start off your weekend!
Before you go, let me announce my next BlogTalk Radio Interview!
I'll be chatting with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom about Faerie Wisdom specific to the month of August!
It would be so much fun if you could join us!
Have a grand weekend!

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