Friday, September 6, 2013

Fini Friday! Treasure Chest!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
As we head into the weekend, I have a project-in-motion to show you!
This post is all about a little wooden chest that came my way today!
It is very cute!
It is the perfect size to be a Faerie Treasure Chest!
When I see little containers such as this I always wonder what is inside! 
So let me show you!
This is what the inside looks like!
It is bare right now and that means full of possibilities!!!

Just the way I like it!
I've visions of sparkling resin hand-painted on it.  Perhaps velvet.. perhaps leather lining the inside...and who knows what nestled in that intriguing nest?!!!!
Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

Speaking of what happens next...
I've a show coming up in about a week!
Saturday, Sept. 14th from 9am to 3pm. 
Click on the link for more details! 
This is my only remaining out-door show this year! 
It would be wonderful see you there! 

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