Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! An Uncommon Life!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this Whimsy Wednesday!
You might have noticed a short absence between Friday and today here on the Blog.
I've been pondering making changes to this blog for a while now as my life and art evolve in different directions and now seems an excellent start with those changes.
You'll probably notice that the background and overall look of the blog is different If you're viewing this on!). The new theme is colourful, playful yet elegant...just like Sprite Creations!
The title of this Blog Post is also the title of this Blog going forward...An Uncommon Life! I've wanted to expand the scope of this blog to encompass more of the life I live as that life becomes for art-full and thus (I believe!) more interesting.
So, the frequency and content of the blog posts will most definitely change. There will be short blog posts and long blog posts as well as blog posts about whatever I fancy at the moment (which will certainly include Sprite Creations!)! Those who lead remarkable lives seem to be the happiest and so it is my hope that in laying bare more of the my uncommon life, you may be inspired to create your OWN unusual (and unique) life!
Let us begin with a few photos, shall we?

These are shadow boxes and are part of the raw materials for my next batch of mixed media Sprite Creations!
I'll be creating flat art (sketch, drawing, poetry) that will be the background and jewelry and/or adornment for the foreground!  Stay tuned to see what happens next with those!

The second (and most whimsical) thing I have to share is a new pair of wings!
Take a look!
Obviously, this is just a sneak peek! 
Where can you see these in person (and on me?)?

I'll be flitting around in full Faerie regalia this Friday in the Mpls. and Saint Paul Metro parks and in coffee houses.  
I'll let you know where I'll be during that day!
Also! I'll be a Guest Artist at the Saint Paul Art Crawl Friday, Oct. 4th through Sunday Oct 6th! I'll be on the 4th Floor - Atrium of the Lowertown Lofts Artist Co-op!
We're doing a new thing this Art Crawl!! 
Myself and other Artists throughout the Crawl are creating and hiding one piece of FREE art somewhere in the downtown St. Paul area! 
We'll tweet or post on Facebook or other social media clues as to where to find them as the Crawl is in action! 
Hope to see you soon!

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