Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! Revamping!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday! 
Here is to a fabulous week so far! 
As you might guess, I have things to show you that center around revamping and renewing! 
These are bits of fabric!  Why are they important?  They are part of the revamping of some of my smaller cases.  The current padding is in need of replacement and this fabric will form part of the new padding!
How is that whimsical, you might ask?  The fabric colours!  The grey is a soft, warm hue perfect for this misty, romantic day.  The sunny yellow needs no whimsical explanation in my opinion!!
I'll be certain to show the finished product, so stay tuned for that!

Let's wrap this up with something a little more fun!
These are feathers from a molting Macaw!
Two photos are included so you can see the beautiful shimmer of colour and play of light!!!
See the gorgeous green shifting into a vibrant ocean glue in those top two feathers?  
Don't you LOVE the brilliant yellow of the centre feather?  
And how lovely is the combination of the golden yellow that shifts into that azure blue?
I've ideas for these!
More later!
Ciao for now!

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