Friday, November 15, 2013

Fini Friday! New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
I hope you have exciting plans for the weekend! 
I've new projects at their beginnings to show you today! 
This is a photo of two bits of sleeves that I salvaged from a T-shirt with a Faerie on it!  These were added to the shirt to create a layered look, yet the shirt fit better (and I liked it more) without the added sleeves.  Those swirls and circles on the sleeves are really quite lovely and I'm not one to simply toss a useful thing aside! 
So! I'm going to turn these into arm warmers!  
What are arm warmers?  Very much like leg warmers (if you remember those), except for the arm!  The cuff will have a hole for the thumb to slip through.  Eventually, I'll find a way to secure the other open end, but I'll leave it hemmed for now.  I'm going to experiment with what works best before taking that step!  If you're still in the dark about what I'm up to, try an internet image search for arm warmers!  You'll find lots of ideas quickly!

This?  This is a workbench that has had all of this stuff on it for far too long!
I've decided enough is enough and I'm taking the space back!  Stay tuned as I show you how this progresses and what happens next!!!
Along the lines of what happens next... let me tell you about the
November Message From the Faeries
Tuesday, November 19th at 12Noon (CST, USA)!  Join Cheryl Patton and me as we discuss the whimsical and practical tips and tricks the Faeries have in this gracious month of November!

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