Friday, November 1, 2013

Fini Friday! Spookiness Fini!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope your week had been full of mystery and fun so far!
I've a finished creation (just on the cusp on Halloween!) to show you today!

You might remember mention of ideas, plots and plans a few Fridays ago...
A photo of that beginning...
And here is the Fini! 
Title: All Hallows, The Old Way
Ingredients: Czech glass, Artistic wire, metal, surgical steel earwires(hypo-allergenic). 
Can you spy which beads and charms took root in the beginning and which wove their way in later?  
All Hallows is one of three days of ancient Christian celebration spanning Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 (See Wikipedia for more details!).  It is a day to celebrate saints and martyrs both known and unknown.  A celebration similar to this and around this time of year spans several cultures and there is much lively debate as to the beginnings of these holidays.

I leave it up to you, Dear Reader, to decide what you like best. 
As for me, I love the ancient symbols of wisdom, life, death, intuition, mystery, Faerie, stars, and so much more woven through these!

Have a most excellent weekend!
See you Monday!

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