Friday, March 18, 2011

Fini Friday and An Announcement!


It is Friday and time to show you what the creation you saw on Whimsy Wednesday grew into!
A fabulous clasp, some jumprings and drilling into the popcap pendant we saw before and voila!

Title: Treasures, Rediscovered
Ingredients: hand-made popcap pendat (non-toxic hand-colored resin, czech glass, shell, metal), hand-finished brass filigree and findings, silver, lead free pewter, plastic cord.

I'm so pleased with how the colored resin is reminiscent of the ocean swirling around and unearthing treasures that might just be a bit of ocean glass and a few shells, here and there...
Do you see the swirls echoed in the pattern of the clasp up at the top? Isn't that awesome?!
And I just *love* that spiral link and the mixture of metals on those jumprings, don't you?

One more thing before I bid you adieu for the weekend!
Rings & Things is having a Brushed Copper Beads Design Challenge! You can find details here!
This looks like a lot of fun, so click on over if you're intrigued.

See you next week!


  1. Sprite - Can you tell me how you got the luminous look to the resin so evenly? It looks beautiful!
    Good Job!!

  2. Hey cockAroach!
    Thank you!
    I repost my reply to your compliment and question from a few days ago as it should answer your question...
    Hello cockAroach!
    Thanks so much for the compliment on the resin!
    I know!! Isn't that color and sparkle fabulous??!

    I used Pearl Ex powdered pigment (Blue-Green) - you can find it at several online stores (I purchased mine at and probably a bead shop in your area.

    Just mix up the resin, then stirring in little bits of the pigment until you've got the color you want. I recommend adding little bits because it always easier to mix in more color than to try to lighten a color, it seems.

  3. Hi Amy,


    You're a winner...

    We picked your name, to receive a goodie pack of the brushed copper beads

    (in Rings & Things' blog "Design Challenge")

    Can you email me your postal address?

    I'll get these right to you!

    Cheers from

    ---Dave at Rings & Things---