Friday, March 11, 2011

Fini Friday!

Here we are again at Friday!
I'm squeezing this in-between a bit of work on several different projects and today's post is a glimpse into my creative process. This created started with the hand-stamped lucite pendant with the image of the fabulous woman with the wild hair! I *knew* I had to create something with her.. not the least of which is that she reminds me just a bit of Cyndi Lauper, whom I adore and admire!
At the same time, I picked up the Swarovski crystal pendants that you see hanging off the lucite floral link. They reminded me of jewels of the old Wild, Wild West and were a perfect accent for this deliciously modern, yet art noveau or old west saucy lady! Just recently, I snapped up the lucite floral link, as it is wonderfully detailed and vibrant by itself and I knew it would be a perfect compliment to our heroine. The very interesting and detailed chain you see was also a recent acquisition and I love it when all the materials come together!!!
However, here are the two options I am currently debating...
You see.. the red of the two lucite pieces is really quite an unusual color and so I am debating whether or not the "Light Siam" Swarovski crystal yarn is really a good enough match for you see here

The other alternative is the chain that you see below.. though I would probably add Jet Swarovski bicone beads to give some flash, interest and detail.

So, though this is not a finished piece, there is much progress!!!
I'd love to hear your opinion(s) about which to use - the fiber or the chain and other ideas that you have!

And I'll be certain to show you the finished creation when it is complete!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I'm partial to the fiber, ties it all together. ;)

  2. the dark fiber is better contrast

  3. Thanks Farmgirl and Anoymous! I'll keep your feedback in mind as this grows into completion!