Friday, March 4, 2011

Fini Friday!

The latter part of this week feels compressed from 2 days into one long ThurFriday! Not certain how that happened but here we are!! Sampler Night at The Healing Loft went well!! We met up with old friends, met new friends and had fun! The next Sampler Night is April 7th and we'll have our creations there again!

I have a beautiful blister pearl necklace to show you today. Because of the sudden flurry of activity in the last 48 hours or so, I did not have a chance to finish it. I have a few ideas on how to finish it, but while I'm disappointed that it is not done, I am somewhat relieved as I'd like more time to research how to end the necklace. I think you'll see what I mean in a moment...

In keeping with the rich simplicity of the pendant, I paired shell and mother-of-pearl with sterling and Bali silver for the dangles. All of these are suspended from individual strands of 3 softly-coloured satin cord. I liked the contrast of the colours as each brought out different hues of the pearl and shell focal. I like the flowing drape of the cords loosely weaving themselves together and so that is the intricacy that I am considering in terms of finishing the necklace as it flows to the clasp.

I'll show you "how it all ends" next week!

I hope this is a fabulous weekend for you-all!

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