Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Hello Hello!!!
I have another two part entry for you-all this week!!
This might become a theme... just sayin'!

What I have to show you today are some mostly cute, but slightly creepy cat bead caps. I've had these a while with a collection of other beads and charms with the idea of creating "Carnival Cats". This is partially as an homage to Mardi Gras and the concept of Carnival and also to that which is mysterious, cute and sometimes creepy that is the Cat.

But! this entry is all about the whimsy, the bead caps and the earrings!
We'll save the necklace for Fini Friday!

This is what I started with:

You can see that the bead cap starts with the sitting cat bottom and the top is the head of the cat. I found these crazy-coloured imitation cathedral cut Czech glass beads and knew they'd be perfect!! I believe they even have nearly all of the Mardi Gras colors! Certainly they remind one of a circus or carnival!
Onward to the pairing up!

Here, you can see the cats from the front and also notice the tail forming a frame that tucks into a rounded spot in the top of the bead cap. Pretty cool! In keeping with the anything-goes attitude of Carnival, I added accents of silver in seed beads and earwires to mix up the metal tones a bit. After all, why have everything match?

So there you are! The whimsy that is the cat bead cats and Carnival cats!

Stay tuned for Fini Friday and the I'll show you what the Carnival Cats necklace grew into!


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