Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fini Friday!

Hello Again!
Annnndddd here we are at Friday!!
Remember those cat bead caps and beads I showed you Wednesday?

So! Now I am pleased to show you the Carnival Cat necklace creation!

I started with a vintage lariat necklace that reminded me of the long, drapey necklaces that flappers often wore at the turn of the century. I liked the marriage of images and ideas of both the Roaring 20's and Carnival, so I rode the flow of that inspiration! To that end, some original parts were removed to make way for the Carnival charms, beads and cats!
Here is a close-up of the mysterious, glittery, creepy, charming, Carnvial-goodness!

I rather like how this turned out!

Now I wish you all the best that Carnival has to offer as we celebrate the weekend!


  1. Isn't a lariat usually made out of leather or imitation leather, or fabric? This looks like a chain.........

  2. Hello Anonymous!
    We are both correct! It really depends on who you talk to. As I understand it, lariats are traditionally made from leather, imitation leather or fabric as you mentioned and usually secured with a concho or concho-style focal.
    I've also heard lariat used in describing the style of a piece of jewelry and so that is how you see me use the word above.
    The only difference is that the above is chain (instead of fiber) and is secured with a knot, rather than a concho or concho-style binder or focal. Look around the 'Net for pictures of lariats and lariat-style necklaces and I think you'll see what I mean.