Friday, May 4, 2012

Fini Friday! Moving Forward!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
It has been a whirlwind of a week for me!
I'm fortunate in that this weekend offers a bit of downtime for me and I am looking forward to it!!
I'm pleased to say that my travels have involved obtaining several things that will move my studio life forward! I've been happily impressed with the Navy Blue velvet that I use for my table coverings at shows and have been looking forward to procuring alternative coverings of that same gorgeous velvet in Forest Green! It was my hope to attain that handsome green fabric in time to celebrate Spring! And so I have! This week I secured the fabric, along with many other nifties that were needsome!
Let me show you!
The background, of course, is that bonny afore-mentioned velvet! The crowned lion in gunmetal tones is a pendant I intend to embellish with resin and whatever else pops to mind during the creative process! The black velvet cord above that venerable lion is what will replace the elastic that is nearly spent on my Faerie Wings. And the bracelet below will definitely be upcycled in some manner, whether I embellish it "as-is" or disassemble it for those intriguing, round, almost filigree-like links remains to be seen!
But that was not all I was scored this week!
I am also restocked with ribbon for my tags, boxes and etc.!
Let me show you that pretty, dulcet ribbon!
There is a great deal of conventional business wisdom about branding that says that a person should pick out representative colours, logos and etc. and always stick with them. So, when I was purchasing the ribbon, I struggled with bringing home two each of the Emerald and Cobalt rolls. (These being the two primary colours of Sprite Creations.) However, I fell in love with the Sky Blue and Kiwi Green and decided that a variety of colours would suit my purposes. After all, I have rainbow-coloured letters in my banner and Faeries are often known to love all the colours of the rainbow! 
Also, I've had a very specific vision in mind for my booth space since the beginning. I've wanted to create the feeling of stepping into a Faerie Glen...with a delightful concoction of creations, colours, and textures (and sound, when I have control over that!) and so the different colours of ribbon fit right into that ideal! 
I'll be certain to update you here on this blog as these materials grown into a complete creation! 
For now, have an excellent weekend and I'll see you on Monday! 

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