Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday & Fini Friday! Leveling Up!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to the final post of this week! 
This has been a jam-packed week already and it promises to continue whirling by! 
This post will double as serving up both whimsy and that which is growing into completion! With that in mind, let's start off with our first photo and the title inspiration!
These are two levels that were reclaimed from being embedded in a level that had seen better days! I plan to create pendants with them. I've ideas of embellishing them with a bit of Faerie Dust and perhaps a Steampunk detail or two! Stay tuned! This second photo has a bit of a memento from the previous show and ideas for what might be found at future shows! 

The beautiful green fabric with the butterflies is a skirt that I procured from a fellow artist at the Faire over the weekend! I think it will be a fabulous addition to my Faerie Finery! The two necklace creations are still growing and are meant to be simple things with a cluster of interesting stuff hanging around the Home key, which is to be the focal. Once these have grown into completion, I'll tell you the rest of the story about them! 

And with that, the post ends! 
Well.... almost! I'll be many places this weekend and so there are many opportunities to stop by for a visit and adopt a shiny! 
First Up! 
Tomorrow is the Women's Gathering Expo fundraiser from 4 to 8pm! This is to help fund The Refuge, which provides services to those who have or are being abused. 
The event is jam-packed with activities and speakers in addition to a fine variety of artists and their wares! Come check us out if you're in the Forest Lake, MN (USA) area! 

Friday and Saturday will see me at the Waterbury building (Room 106) in Minneapolis (MN, USA) for the Art-A-Whirl
Stop by Friday from 5 to 10pm or Saturday from Noon to 8pm for a visit!  
OK! Now we're done!
Have a fabulous weekend and I hope to see you soon!

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