Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Home is Where the Heart Is!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
 I hope your week is as busy and productive as mine, so far! I'm preparing for Johnstock and other activities this weekend, whilst attempting to create and feel as if I still live in my own home!
This week has been a fun mix more mundane household tasks with studio stuff! That said, I have new shinies to show you!
You've seen these two in the beginning stages of growth and now they are complete!
Home is Where the Heart Is Necklaces!
Title: Home is Where the Heart Is: Cobalt
Ingredients: Upcycled Home laptop key, Czech glass, metal, lead-free pewter.

I intended this design to be simple, sweet and sophisticated, so as to show off both Home key and Cobalt to maximum effect!
I absolutely adore the vibrant mysteriousness of Cobalt Blue! I had a lot of fun pairing the vintage feel of it with the antique brass-coloured chain and juxtaposing it all with the modern silver laptop Home key, for a timeless feel and sentiment!

Title: Home is Where the Heart Is: Flame
Ingredients:  Swarovski Crystal Wild Heart in Red Magma, Swarovski Crystal bicone in Jet, Czech glass, Jeweler's brass, metal, lead-free pewter. 
I love! the sparkly-ness (I'm *certain* that's a word!!!) of Swarovski crystal and wanted a necklace with a completely different feel for this second necklace!  The Wild Heart pendant is perfectly complimented in Red Magma and I hand-wrapped it in Jeweler's Brass!  I took inspiration from the molten and flame images to indulge in a more organic than precision wrap for the pendant!  The Home key is suspended by two segments of more fiery-hued beads and a final spurt of sparkle accents the clasp!  As opposed to the simplicity of the sister necklace above, there are many little details in this necklace, including the mixing of silver and gold metallic hues and a little flamey fillip on each portion of the toggle clasp!

These will be up in my Etsy Shoppe by tomorrow!  
So there you have it!  Another Whimsy Wednesday drawing to a close!
Below are details as to where to find me this weekend and I do hope you're able to come and visit!

Johnstock Saturday, June 2nd Only!
10am to 6pm
Along Johnston Street, near Crafty Planet
2833 Johnston Street NorthEast Minneapolis, MN 55418

I'll see you on Friday!

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